Dear Friends


I think this is an exciting time for the church.  Good things are happening, and God is at work in our community and in our congregation.  Baptisms are up, weddings are up, and we maintain a healthy Sunday Congregation.  Our house groups are at capacity, our forty days of Lenten Prayer has enriched our spiritual journey, and our youth organisations are also flourishing.  Our Guild, Men’s Association and individuals are making a difference in our community through links with Roar, Woman’s Aid, the foodbank, and with Crossreach. Our Path of Renewal project has given us permission to experiment and to think differently, and lots of experiments in worship, prayer and outreach has involved work with the schools and community groups.


On the first Sunday in March we want you to join us for our Second Congregational Conference.  An opportunity to listen and share what might be possible for the future. 

We want everyone to play their part, because I believe that everyone can play a part in shaping our church for the benefit of the building of God’s Kingdom.  In this fast-changing world, the church to must learn to adapt and reshape itself for the future, but it cannot do that without your support, encouragement and approval.  We want you to participate in the life of your congregation, and to hear your voice and opinions as to how we can best do that.


The church is the people of God worshiping and serving God where they are.  It is not a social club, or a co-operative that does the stuff its members want.  The church has a purpose to share the love of God with the world, and you and I are called to be the people to share that love in ways that make a difference to our lives and the lives of the people that we seek to serve.



There are no limits to what can be done in Christ’s name.  And all that we should seek do in church is about proclaiming Christ and serving Christ. If we have the heart and desire to be followers of Christ, then the future of the place we call church can only flourish, because the focus in all that we do is based on the life and the teaching of Jesus Christ.


As the world changes, and the focus of community life changes, it should be no surprise to us that what we call church naturally changes and evolves as well.  We live in the now, and not in the past.  We live to make a difference to people’s lives now, so that in turn, makes a difference to the future world for our children and grandchildren, the vulnerable and the poor.  We live optimistically because we have the hope of Christ pointing us to a world of peace and love and justice. 


So, while the political world may be in fear over Brexit.  And contemporary culture has marginalised God, and all but forgotten the morals and principles that have stabilized society.  We the people of God have a different perspective to offer, not to sort our politics or to force culture to conform, but to declare the love of God by the things that we say and do and act upon. Such things begin to make a difference to our lives and the lives of others in our community.


So come, share your wisdom, and help to shape what Sherwood Greenlaw can become with Gods direction and help, bound together with all your God given talents, so we continue to be the church of today and of the future.


God Bless

John Murning