Dear Friends,


We live in uncertain times.  Nobody knows at this stage what is going to happen with Brexit, and as I write this article The Highest court in the land is asking questions about the suspension of Parliament, which may yet have consequences for the current Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

 Now, politicians are often people with ambitions that are sometimes personal, sometimes idealistic, or are politically motivated.  Yet, what we are frequently hearing, is that even those at the top of the political ladder, are happy to lie, cheat and blame others for the failure of the country, and anyone who dares to disagree with them are either sacked or trashed by the people who at one point declared them to be the best person for the job! This is true for the People in Britain, America, Russia, China, and endless other countries

 We may live in what we call the free world, but it seems this free world has lost its moral compass, and it has become a world stripped of all values that could build a stable, honest and thriving society.  Instead it is all about the individual, and our own success, our own desires, our own political viewpoint being the only viewpoint worth listening to, and the neighbour, the stranger and the outsider are largely ignored

 Such issues are not unusual in the history of the world.  At various points, humanity loses its way, often after a period of prosperity, and it becomes only concerned about the individual rather than benefiting everyone.  Those who become the rich and powerful often claim they have most to lose when society is shifting, and so they either oppress the poor, or introduce market changes that keep them poor, and it leaves the balance of power with a small minority of people.

As the people of God, we are called to be political, and challenge those who abuse their power.  We are called to be religious and follow the ways of Gods’ kingdom. We are called to build a society that is fair and just, and a society that reflects the honesty and integrity of men and woman of faith.  Not to become the power brokers, but to be the influencers that shape society and encourage others to join in. We are called to see through the chaos and dream dreams and have visions of what our world could become.

 In the book of Revelation, we hear of God making all things new.  But we also find some apocalyptic horror stories about the end of the world, and these texts have sometimes been used to bolster viewpoints that were far from what God intended them to be.  It is a book that tries to understand a future, that nobody other than God can predict or understand. How we read these texts though speaks to us in uncertain times, and remind us that God is in the midst of the world, and will continue to be there for us, who take up our cross and follow him.


God bless

As we head into the future.


John Murning