Sherwood Ministers         

1891-1896   Rev Hugh Black

1897-1902   Rev R Sangster Anderson

1903-1909   Rev A Boyd Scott

1910-1915   Rev James Reid

1916-1924   Rev James G Lunn

1924-1928   Rev Duncan W P Strang

1929-1946   Rev David McQueen

1946-1950   Rev Stuart W McWilliam

1951-1964   Rev William Yule

1965-1992   Rev Duncan McLachlan

1993-1997   Rev Alasdair F Cameron

Greenlaw Ministers

1893-1901  Rev Walter E Lee

1901-1907  Rev Thomas Wilson

1907-1914  Rev G Nisbet Dods

1914-1950  Rev John Chambers

1950-1975  Rev William Robertson

1976-1991  Rev John P Renton

1991-1997  Rev Helen Percy

Sherwood Greenlaw Ministers

1997-2012  Rev Alasdair F Cameron

2014-           Rev John Murning


Sherwood Greenlaw Church came into being as a result of the union of the former Greenlaw Church and the former Sherwood Church.

Greenlaw Church was originally established by the kirk session of Paisley Abbey to meet the need for the extension of the Abbey's mission to what was then the New Town development in the east end of Paisley. The proposal to establish the new church was first considered by the Abbey kirk session in February 1887, and the opening dedication service of the new church was held on 19th January 1889. Greenlaw remained as what was known as a "Chapel of Ease" associated with the Abbey until it was raised to full status as a separate charge on 30th March 1896.

Sherwood Church had its beginnings in 1891 as a daughter church of the Free High (later Orr Square Church of Scotland). Following the Disruption of 1843, there were six Free Churches in town, but until the formation of Sherwood there were no new churches built in the town by the Free Church. Sherwood was the Free Church's first and only pre-union church extension charge in Paisley, and just as Greenlaw had been built by the Church of Scotland to serve the needs of the expanding New Town in the east end of Paisley, so Sherwood was built by the Free Church for the same purpose. Thus it came about that there were two large churches in close proximity to one another in the east end of Paisley, one being the Church of Scotland and the other the Free Church.

In 1900 Sherwood, along with many other Free Churches, entered into a union with the United Presbyterian Church to form the the United Free Church of Scotland, and later still in 1929 came back into the reformed Church of Scotland.

Sherwood's commodious suite of halls was opened in 1925, and is a credit to the vision and generosity of the far-sighted members of those days.

The Service of Union of the two congregations took place on 22nd January 1997. As part of the Basis of Union, it was agreed that the place of worship should be Sherwood Church whose halls would suffice for the needs of the new congregation.

On 14th February 2010, a Service of Dedication, conducted by The Right Reverend William C Hewitt, B.D., Dip.P.S, the Moderator of the General Assembly of The Church of Scotland, marked the opening of the Welcome Lounge, a new feature at the east door to the Church.

This provides a much more friendly approach to both the side door to the Church and to the halls, and offers a comfortable area for parents waiting to collect children.  It is also used for smaller meetings and acts of worship.

The funding for the Welcome Lounge  was provided by a combination of fund raising events, pledges from members of the congregation, and some generous legacies from the estates of deceased members.