Sherwood Greenlaw Guild

The Guild is a movement within the Church of Scotland which invites and encourages both women and men to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and enables them to express their faith in worship, prayer and action.

The Guild’s aim has been underlined in our motto which is taken from Acts 27, verse 23:

"Whose we are and Whom we serve."

The Guild is about invitation, encouragement, commitment, and fellowship which leads to providing opportunities for continuing growth in Christian faith through worship, prayer and action. 

Worship is an essential ingredient in all meetings and activities. Prayer underpins everything - and is a means of involving those members who cannot be active in other ways.

Our Guild meets on Mondays – fortnightly  at  1.30pm. 

Office Bearers: 


     Secretary     Mrs Maureen MacKenzie     Tel: 0141 882 5952 

    Treasurer      Mrs Muriel Burden               Tel:  0141 889 4750

To find details of the Guild syllabus, please click the following link:


The Guild’s new session resumes on Monday 7th October at 1.30pm when Mr Murning will speak on the theme “Companions on the road”.


We welcome new members to join us and as an incentive no capitation fee is payable for new members for their first year.


After the last drop in on 2nd September, there will be a short committee meeting.





The members of the Committee are as follows:

Secretary             Maureen McKenzie

Treasurer            Muriel Burden

Sally Stewart, Chrissie McSporran, Christine Park, Margaret Sim,

Anna Thompson, Jane Neilson, Sheila Wilmington, Ann Burt


Ginger wine on sale as usual at Sunday break.