This is a new venture which I am keen to try.


The last Friday of December, January and February.


8pm – 9.30pm


The Manse

Who can come?

Any female of any age wishing a cuppa, some cake and chat

Do you need to register interest?

No! Just come along.

Do I give apologies if I cannot come?

No! This group should be very informal with no strings attached. If a Friday comes along with no visitors then I shall have had the opportunity to hoover the living room. However having people come along to Time Out would be wonderful.


I have run a group like this before.  In its first year it met in the manse and from its second year to the present day (10 years on!) the group meets in a local coffee shop.  Maybe this will be a possibility for the Sherwood Greenlaw Time Out Group.



The Prayer Group will meet for the first time after the summer break on Thursday, 5th September, in the Session House at 7.00pm.  Your support would be greatly appreciated at this time of change for our congregation.


The informal Men’s Group arranges a programme of meetings with guest speakers and visits to places of interest.

Further Information from   George Murray   (882 4460)  or Colin McNaught  (01505 337531)

Details of all events will be intimated in the Church Intimation sheet. All men are welcome at any or all of these events and if you would like more information about the Group’s activities please do not hesitate to contact either Colin McNaught or George Murray.

Keep Fit

Our session started at the end of August with Janie Hall, a local lady, as our new instructor. You are welcome to come along and give the class a try on Monday evenings from 6-7pm. The cost is £3 and all you need is a water bottle and exercise mat.

For further information contact Carol Syme by email at or on 0141 840 1203.

For further information contact Carol Syme by email at or on 0141 840 1203.