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We’ve had a fun start to the session, kicking off with a hot dogs and games night on 6th September. Word clearly spread of the fun to be had at the 22nd, as our Anchor Boys numbers doubled the following week! We were really pleased to be able to welcome new recruits into all three sections.

In September, we enjoyed teaching our Anchors some new games, challenging our Juniors to embark on the some of the national BB challenges for Juniors and running a gameshow-themed evening for our Company Section boys (think The Chase, Mastermind, Countdown, The Weakest Link etc.).
We are blessed to have two boys, Alex Hislop and Craig Young, embarking on their Queen’s Badge journey. They attended two courses over the month of September to equip them for the two-year challenge that lies ahead.




We also celebrated the end of that journey for four boys, Liam McPake, Glen Verney, Thom Gibson and Jack Mackenzie, who, you might recall, were awarded their badges at the end of our last session. They collected their Queen’s Badge certificates from the Provost at a Civic Reception at Paisley Abbey on Monday 23rd September.


We enjoyed joining with you on Sunday 22nd September for our Enrolment Service. We are always glad of the warm welcome we get on such occasions! Not many of our boys regularly attend Church and, while we always encourage attendance and would love to see more boys attending on both Friday nights and Sunday mornings, we are nevertheless glad that so many boys still have contact with a Christian organisation on a weekly basis. As a wider Church family, we are a diverse group and it is great to think that "Church" goes on in our magnificent buildings throughout the week.


Our recent success in attracting new recruits, which I mentioned above, has made apparent the fact that we really are stretched for staff at the moment. In order to provide a great programme, we could really do with a few more hands to provide some additional cover. We are aware of at least one other Company in our Battalion who have already had to cancel a night this session due to shortage of staff and, while we are not at that stage yet, we are thinly stretched. If you know of anyone who might be willing to lend a hand, please point them in my direction or ask them to speak to any other member of the staff team. If you don't think you quite have the stamina to chase a group of squealing five year olds round during dodgy ball, you can still help by keeping this matter in your prayers.


More to follow next month, as the adventure continues..

Sure & Steadfast


David Syme